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We are experienced operators and investors.
Our partners have led and advised many highly successful and impactful companies across Canada and around the world. We have extensive experience helping businesses in “old economy” industries embrace technology and improve their operations & business models.

We offer diverse industry & sector expertise, and a shared passion for helping businesses reach their full potential. We leverage our digital know-how and networks to provide our companies with the best tools and resources to grow and thrive in the digital age.

Gerrit Westland


Gerrit is a seasoned operator and a trusted advisor to founders and business owners. He has led and supported companies through various phases of growth, fundraising and transactions. He is driven by his desire to help businesses reach their full potential through digital transformation. Outside of the office, he loves to surf and work on his family home in rural Ontario.

Gerrit is a proud Canadian with a diverse heritage. His mother’s family count among the earliest settlers in Canada and his father is a first generation immigrant from the Netherlands.

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Daphne Dovermann


Daphne is a seasoned investor and strategic partner to entrepreneurs globally. She has supported companies through their growth journey, from e-commerce in South-East Asia to multi-site retail and tech in Europe. She is passionate about partnering with purpose-driven businesses and loves spending time with entrepreneurs at the intersection of the real world & technology.

When Daphne isn’t busy finding the next great opportunity, she loves to travel and escape to the great outdoors to ski, hike or surf. Daphne hails from the Netherlands and lives in London, UK.

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